How Does WordPress Work?

To utilize WordPress to Setup and Manage your Website, a basic knowledge of web browsing is required. No programming skills are necessary, but some basic HTML programming skills can be helpful for customization.
WordPress works to identify, gather, and process media items, such as text, images, and video, which it stores in a database to produce standard HTML web pages using templates. Once the WordPress website templates have been setup, updating the website can be almost automatic, making it ideal for business owners and marketing managers with little to no prior web design knowledge.
A Hosted Platform runs on an external computer. It can be on the website or it can be on another computer such as
Administrators are people who are authorized to make all changes, such as adding and deleting web pages, approving comments and customizing widgets, such as “Share” buttons.
Databases are the tables that WordPress uses to hold media. For the free website, the databases are automatically setup. For websites that are hosted externally, the database requires a setup.
Templates are files that contain rules used to determine how WordPress will create pages. Templates define the appearances and feature capabilities of WordPress web pages.
Generated Web Pages are web page files that are created by WordPress.