Brand Value is Developed over Time through Impressions and Changes in Mindset

Brand Value, a measure of the overall image or concept of the meaning or value of a word, name or web address by consumers, can be influenced by:

Number of Brand Impressions

A brand impression is a single presentation of a message or media item that provides viewers with information about brand qualities or attributes.

Recipients may be exposed to brand messages without direct perception by:

  • Seeing a Logo
  • Hearing a Sponsorship Message
  • Seeing (but not clicking) an Ad that is Displayed within a Search Results Page

Association Context

Association context is the set of parameters a device or recipient currently has, which can influence their interaction with content or services.

Recipient perception may be influenced by:

  • Surrounding Content or Environment
  • Strategically Placed, Related content

Current Mindset

A mindset is the attitude or beliefs held by a person, which often determine his perception and response to situations or events.

Mindset may be described in terms of:

  • Awareness
  • Perceived Value as Related to a Need or Desire
  • Credibility or Beliefs of Related Thoughts

A white paper can be a great tool to help improve brand value.

White Papers: A Useful Promotional Tool

White papers can be used to achieve various marketing objectives, all of which can be tailored to fit the needs of your business. Whether you’re looking to improve search engine ranking, increase web site traffic, generate sales leads or increase direct product and service sales, white paper promotion can be a real benefit.


White papers can:

Increase brand value: increasing the number of brand impressions seen by qualified people

Increase search engine value: contain relevant keywords, high value content = improved search ranking results

Increase web site traffic:  links on hosting sites, links embedded within white papers bring more people to a web site

Increase sales leads: downloads require the submission of contact information from readers who are highly qualified


White paper readers are typically searching for solutions to specific problems. If a white paper explains a solution, and offers a specific type of product or service that can solve a problem, the readers become ideal candidates to buy the products or services referenced within the white paper.

White Paper Marketing Increases Traffic

Have you ever considered putting white papers on your web site as a marketing tool? Information documents known as white papers are widely used in the world of Internet marketing. White paper affiliate marketing is an effective way to get highly qualified web site traffic. White paper affiliates are earning click revenue while attracting targeted visitors, all by simply placing white papers on their sites.

White paper affiliate marketing allows white paper owners to compensate marketing partners (web site owners) for their role in communicating and promoting the white papers to customers (visitors). It is a great way for affiliates to earn revenue and merchants to capture highly qualified sales leads.
White Paper Marketing, More Sales Leads, Less Effort explains how to use white papers to generate lists of highly qualified sales prospects while providing valuable and well received content to readers. Readers will learn how to develop, promote, and track the effectiveness of white paper marketing.