Web Seminar Marketing Tips – How to Get More People to Register and Attend Webinars

At the Internet Marketing Mastermind Group – IMMG meetup meeting, Teddy Garcia from Cyber Media Marketing explained that web seminars – webinars offer companies the ability to extend their marketing reach (no geographic boundaries), with lower cost, and have extremely high conversion rates (10% to 30%). Teddy gave some good tips on how to increase the perceived value of web seminars and ways to more effectively promote and optimize automated web seminars. He described that automated webinars can be setup to begin accepting and providing media to seminar participants without the need for manual operation at a future time (scheduled webinar). While there is valuable information provided to attendees, visitors may not be aware that the webinar is pre-recorded. This increases the perceived value of the webinar. He explained that the use of pre-recorded webinars allows for testing of key elements (sequences of content, formats, layouts) that can optimize conversion rates.