Video Ad Personalization Increases Engagement and Conversion

Marketing managers can use personalized video ads to get more qualified leads that convert faster. Rapidly responding to information requests using video ads can increase conversion rates up to 391% [Lead 360 research].


The challenges to producing dynamic video is customizing the video to match specific viewer needs, rapidly producing the videos. Joesph Terp and Tyler Israel from explained to me that the solution is to produce dynamic videos that can automatically adapt to specific visitor interests. If a company has access to visitor profile or a list with some personalized information, Video Merge Solutions can produce a video that can dynamically change to talk directly with the video viewer. The video can address them by name and select segments that are of specific interest to the viewer.


Video Merge Solutions can develop personalized video ads in 1-2 weeks using either a company spokesperson or talent. For more information about producing Personalized Video Ads, visit

Are Your Linkedin Ads Targeting the Right Audience?

If you’re advertising on Linkedin, you may find yourself wondering if your ads are being seen by the right people. Targeting the right audience will result in higher conversions, more qualified sales leads and increased ROI. Taking advantage of Linkedin’s  customizable advertising options can be beneficial, especially when you consider that most user profiles are extremely telling.
Targeting your audience will lead to the placement of ads in a number of places, including Profiles, Home Pages, Inboxes, Search Reults Pages and Groups. Once you define your target criteria, your ads will only be shown to members who fit that criteria.
You can target your ads to Linkedin members according to job title, job function, industry, geographic location, company size, company name, seniority level, age, gender or Linkedin group. Play around with customization options to estimate the size of the audience size you’ll be able to reach. Note that targeting narrows the scope of people who will see your ad.
Gepgraphic targeting, in particular, can have a drastic effect on audience size. When targeting for an industry, create separate campaigns that are industry-specific. Targeting by job function will allow you to limit ads on a more broad level, such as finance, marketing and operations. Group targeting, which is perhaps the most beneficial, allows you to target your audience based on interests, skills and expertise.

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