Social Media Channels Bring Added Marketing Value

If the term “Social Media” brings to mind little more than Facebook and Twitter logos, your company may not be making the most of available marketing channels.
There are numerous forms of social media that, when used effectively in a marketing campaign, can result in measurable and controllable publicity for your company.
Social Media Channels:
  • Blogs – qualified subscribers, gain email addresses/contact info
  • Social Networks – social and professional, “likes” and “follows” are measurable
  • Media Sharing Sites – spread recommendations, various media formats
  • Review Sites – request reviews, require careful management
  • Discussion Groups – posts should explain key issue; offer solutions you can provide
The channel you select will largely depend on the nature of content, which may be original, licensed, shared or existing, video, text or image.

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Many Small Business Owners Use Internet Marketing and Do Not Know It!

Over 83% of the small business owners we interviewed are using multiple types of Internet marketing, and many of them do not even know they are doing it! Some of their efforts have produced great results. With a bit of usable knowledge, they can use their limited successes to create simple Internet marketing campaigns, which can dramatically increase their sales.
For example, we interviewed a business owner who does not normally send emails to existing customers. When the company’s office location changed, a simple text-based email was sent to approximately 500 existing customers announcing the move. This resulted in over $7,000 of new business! Identifying additional ways to provide useful information to customers, such as tips on how to maintain products, means that future email broadcasts can be sent. This is a win for both the customer and the company. Email marketing can be used to develop better customer relationships.

Email Marketing – Useful for Small Business Relationship Building