Brand Value is Developed over Time through Impressions and Changes in Mindset

Brand Value, a measure of the overall image or concept of the meaning or value of a word, name or web address by consumers, can be influenced by:

Number of Brand Impressions

A brand impression is a single presentation of a message or media item that provides viewers with information about brand qualities or attributes.

Recipients may be exposed to brand messages without direct perception by:

  • Seeing a Logo
  • Hearing a Sponsorship Message
  • Seeing (but not clicking) an Ad that is Displayed within a Search Results Page

Association Context

Association context is the set of parameters a device or recipient currently has, which can influence their interaction with content or services.

Recipient perception may be influenced by:

  • Surrounding Content or Environment
  • Strategically Placed, Related content

Current Mindset

A mindset is the attitude or beliefs held by a person, which often determine his perception and response to situations or events.

Mindset may be described in terms of:

  • Awareness
  • Perceived Value as Related to a Need or Desire
  • Credibility or Beliefs of Related Thoughts

A white paper can be a great tool to help improve brand value.

One thought on “Brand Value is Developed over Time through Impressions and Changes in Mindset”

  1. Social media can also be a great place to gather mindset information. By analyzing social media activity, you can see if and how people perceive your company and brand. The gathered social media data is from people who actually use or engage with your company so the information can be more accurate and valuable.

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