The First Steps a Marketing Leader Should Take at a New Company

Becoming a new marketing leader at an existing company can have some key challenges – perceived value from other executives, staff buy in, and the need to show rapid business improvements.

Here are some suggestions:

Staff Introduction – executives, direct reports, and discussions – your values and first steps – do within first few days.

Business Plan Review – objectives, products, customer types – learn the business drivers

Marketing Assessment – review plans, status, campaigns, metrics – understand your starting point

Reputation Monitoring – strat tracking – Google Alerts+ – company name, product names, executive name – urgent challenges and staff engagement content

Staff Interviews – Meet with key leaders, get an understanding of key business drivers and activities – find the hidden values – start relationship building

Content Assessment – what is readily available to use for new marketing content, list subject matter experts – SMEs – for content creation

Competitive Analysis – market potential, what are competitors doing

Sales and Customer Care Tag Along – sales cycle, support challenges and opportunities

Staff Marketing Engagement – do simple campaigns that use staff – video interviews – relationship building

Mastermind Group – develop 10-20 key contacts – for your new industry – may need multiple mastermind groups – technology, distribution, etc.

Media Channel Setup – start to setup new channels, test campaigns – rapid reach expansion – shows immediate progress