QIC Learning Internet Marketing Course: Student Objectives

The results of QIC Learning’s first Internet Marketing for Business Managers course are in. Read on to see which topics our students wanted to learn about, and which topics we were sure to cover.

  • What types of Internet Marketing will Work best for Specific types of Businesses
  • How to Measure Success
  • Typical Costs and Performance levels (ROI)
  • Necessary Time Investment
  • How to Self-Manage Tasks
  • How to Integrate Multiple Types of Marketing
  • Available Tools
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Pay-Per-Click

QIC Learning is set to roll out courses on topics ranging from Social Media, email and Affiliate Marketing to Business Funding, Radio Advertising and Web Page Design.

Visit http://qiclearning.com/QICLearning-Class-List.html to access a list of available courses.