A Successful Affiliate Program Needs Effective Marketing

Affiliate Managers are realizing that they can’t just initiate an in-house affiliate marketing program and expect it to run itself. Aside from creating partnerships, managing links and tracking commissions, someone’s got to Get The Word Out.

Affiliate Program Marketing is the process of Communicating and Promoting co-marketing relationships to Potential Affiliate Partners. Affiliate program marketing can include a mix of listings in affiliate program directories, publicity programs (press releases), paid advertising (pay per click), affiliate membership links (“join our affiliate program”), and sponsorships.

Affiliate Program Directory: listing of affiliate marketing campaigns with descriptions and characteristics as offered by companies; typically includes qualifying (categorical) and descriptive information.

Affiliate Submission Service: company or system that can gather information (submission data), process that data into other formats, and submit specialized formats to other directories or information systems.

Direct Marketing (DM): promoting affiliate programs directly to potential partners; typically includes email promotion.

Social Media Marketing: promoting affiliate programs through the use of information (voice, data, or video) that is consumed and produced by related users within a social network. Examples of social media networks include Facebook, Myspace, Digg, and Twitter.

Begin with a familiar promotional channel and branch out to find the one that best suits the needs of your affiliate program.