Affiliate Incentive Programs Can Boost Performance Levels

If you’re looking for a way to improve affiliate relations and performance levels, try implementing an Affiliate Incentive Program. Defining the valuable components included as part of your affiliate marketing campaign can help you entice new affiliates and motivate current partners to take desired actions.

Provide Commission Increases, which can be promotional (temporary) or have extended or infinite (lifetime) duration.

Offer Increased Cookie Life, which increases the potential of an affiliate to receive a commission on people who return to web site at a later time and purchase.

Run Affiliate Contests, which may provide bonuses or gifts for achieving contest objectives.

Provide Affiliate Bonuses, such as paying an additional $100 in sales commission for obtaining a new customer.

Offer Activation Incentives,  which can be in the form of rewards given when a person or company has joined a program, or when they begin to use or offer a service.

Test and see which types of incentive programs work best for your affiliate marketing program.


Key Objectives of Search Marketing

Whether you’re looking to increase qualified web site traffic, gain direct product sales, test SEO campaigns or build your lists, search marketing will allow you to do so.

Qualified Traffic

In addition to getting ads placed in front of more people (impressions), the selection of search terms and advertising text that closely match the type of product or service means that the people who click on the ads are likely to have a very high interest. Simply put, you’ll attract more highly qualified visitors.

Direct Product Sales

Search engine marketing programs can be designed to attract web site visitors who are more likely to convert into direct sales. Selecting keywords, such as “overnight delivery,” add to conversion values.

SEO Campaign Testing

You’ll get a relatively large number of qualified people to visit your web page in a short period of time. While the search engine marketing program might be too expensive for a long term search marketing campaign, the data gathered from the campaign can be used to update (optimize) web site landing pages.

List Building

Attracting qualified prospects to your web pages allows you the chance to encourage them, perhaps with a free eBook or software tool, to submit their contact information (sales lead submissions). List building campaigns may use squeeze pages, which only provide the visitor with the option to submit their contact information.

Name and Keyword Testing

Test which names or keywords people respond to and the actions they may be willing to take. These testing programs are not directly interested in the sales they generate. They are more interested in gathering comparison information (such as the click through rate) between different names or words. These campaigns run multiple ads that only change one or two words to determine which words people respond to.