Testing Click Tracking Services – Warning

Be careful when you trial click tracking services. We have been testing and reviewing click tracking services for iMarketing Magazine and we have had some unfortunate experiences.

We believe it is very important to trial services before purchasing them. If an Internet marketing service is not willing to give you a free trial period, they may not be providing valuable services.

Click tracking services measure how many clicks are received on links and may provide additional information such as the geographic location of the clicks and the referring web servers (if available). Click tracking services may be used on outbound links within PDF files, in media files, and on web sites.

One of the key challenges we ran into was click tracking services offer trial periods and may inform you when that trial period has ended and deactivate the links (redirect to an error page) before the notification was sent. One of the services we tested did not seem to notify us at all and they redirected our visitors to web pages that contained adult promotional content.

The features offered by click tracking services can dramatically vary and it is good to test several click tracking services before making a decision to use them. At the very least, we recommend that only put tracking links into non-essential web pages during the test period.